Biscuit Sandwich  12

fried egg, smoked bacon, aged cheddar,

arugula mayo, iceberg lettuce, pickled onions

sub house-made chicken or pork sausage +1


Veggie Biscuit Sandwich  10

black bean patty, pickled cabbage,

chipotle mayo, wild rice biscuit


Yeast Raised Waffle  9

whipped butter, maple syrup

or add the works +2

nuts, yogurt, berries, house jam


Granola  8

oats, dried dates, nuts,

fresh berries, greek yogurt 

or almond milk

add honey or maple syrup +1


Cabin Breakfast  9

two eggs your way, bacon or breakfast

sausage, choice of toast

add house jam +1


Skillet Hash  10

seasonal vegetables, sunny egg


Trout Tartine  13

poached MN rainbow trout, sour cream,

lemon, shallot, asparagus, pickled purple daikon

dehydrated cucumber, pumpernickel


Avocado Tartine  11

cojita cheese, pickled fresno peppers,

cilantro, togarashi, sunny egg, country loaf


Chicken Salad Sandwich  12

shredded chicken, carrot vinaigrette,

celery, scallion, bibb lettuce,

bread & butter pickles, milk bun


Smoked Turkey Sandwich  10

ferndale turkey, singing hills chevre,

green garlic, sweet & sour rhubarb jam,

country loaf


Wild Rice Bowl  12

wild rice, green garlic, blanched kale,

blanched baby turnips, pea shoots,

sweet & sour beet puree, sunny egg





Bacon  3

House-made Sausage  4

chicken or pork

Fried Egg  2

Avocado  2

Biscuits & Jam  4

Toast  3

country loaf or multigrain

add house jam +1