Biscuit Sandwich  10

fried egg, smoked bacon, aged cheddar,

spicy maple, charred herb mayo

sub house-made chicken or pork sausage +1

Veggie Biscuit Sandwich  10

fried egg, roasted asparagus, aged cheddar,

pickled onions, charred herb mayo, nettle biscuit

Skillet Hash  13

potatoes, oyster mushrooms,

pickled asparagus, radish greens pesto,

two sunny eggs

Avocado Toast  14

mashed avocado, pickled vegetables, 

microgreens, chipotle vinaigrette, 

hard boiled egg, cilantro 

Wild Rice Bowl  13

confit chicken, green onion, braised turnip, 

five-spice pickled mushrooms, 

soy marinated egg


Pork Sandwich  13

slow roasted peterson craftsman meats 

pork shoulder, ramp kraut, maple mustard,

baker’s field good ‘wich of the north bread 


Yeast Raised Waffle  9

whipped butter, maple syrup


Granola  8

oats, dried fruit, nuts,

blueberry & apricot compote, cacao nibs,

greek yogurt


Cabin Breakfast  11

two eggs your way, bacon or breakfast

sausage, biscuit, house jam, seasonal side


Smoked Turkey Sandwich  13

ferndale turkey, singing hills chèvre,

rhubarb mostarda, twin organics arugula,

baker’s field table bread




Bacon  3

House-made Sausage  2

chicken or pork

Fried Egg  2

Biscuits & Jam  4

Toast  3

add house jam +.50