Yeast Raised Waffle  9

whipped butter, maple syrup

or add the works +2

nuts, yogurt, berries, house jam


Granola  8

oats, dried dates, nuts, fresh berries,

Kalona yogurt or almond milk

add honey or maple syrup +1


Cabin Breakfast  9

two eggs your way, bacon or breakfast

sausage, choice of toast

add house jam +1


Biscuits & Gravy  10

house buttermilk biscuit, sausage

gravy, sunny egg, fresh dill


Fried Egg Sandwich  11

fried egg, smoked bacon, aged cheddar,

Duke's mayo, arugula, milk bun


Skillet Hash  9

seasonal root vegetables, sunny egg


Avocado Tartine  11

cotija cheese, pickled fresno peppers,

cilantro, sunny egg, country loaf


Gravlax Tartine  11

scallion cream cheese, red onion,

capers, cucumber, dill, 



Rite of Spring  12

quinoa, radish, white bean puree,

mint, guajillo vinaigrette


Roast Beef Sandwich  13

horseradish cream sauce, colby,

shaved red onion, arugula, baguette


Pressed Smoked Turkey  12

brown sugar bacon, whipped brie,

basil aioli, country loaf



Meat  3

bacon or breakfast sausage

Fried Egg  2

Avocado  2

Biscuits & Jam  4

Toast  3

country loaf or multigrain

add house jam +1